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I’m kidding, this background image is not really mine.

But every website should have a featured hero area where all the featured (wow) work goes.
After all, it’s what the industry and the trends dictate, isn’t it?


And now you have to scroll down because I’ve enticed you with my something like a button thingy, according to best UX practices.
Even though my typography is not really clear to see but who cares, looks good, right?

Look at my “button”.

This is my personal portfolio, see if there’s anything you like. If there is, please drop me a line,
I’d be happy to hear about exciting new ideas and projects! It’s not everything I’ve done in the last 11+ years, but you’ll get an idea 🙂

PS. Some of the website designs might be a bit different than the actual website. I blame the developers and deadlines.

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Videos / Animations

Motormula Web Advert

Damsons web advert - Golf

Kettlebell Kitchen app video

Damsons Christmas

Damsons web advert

Facebook page video for Tanko

Damsons WillApp

Kettlebell Nutrition Supplements

Congratulations if you made it this far and got my humorous tone. After all, why so serious? 🙂

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